2nd March 2011

Good evening 🙂

I’m just sat chilling out after a deliciously fattening portion of rocky road pudding and ice cream! Yesterday I went to Peterborough to do some holiday shopping with a friend. It was good fun and I spent a little bit too much. H&M is to die for, everything in there is so beautiful. I bought 2 stunning jumpsuits and now I am in heaven, it may be freezing my end of the world but god dammit I cannot wait to crack them out! I also found something that I have been looking for for ages – Barry M ‘Instant Nail Effects’ nail varnish. My home town doesn’t seen to have began stocking it yet so I was so excited when I finally found it and couldn’t wait to try it! The outcome is fab and so unique. You use any bright colour as your base coat and then apply one quick coat of the black crackly gloop. And instantly, it shrinks together and separates creating an animal print effect with the base coat coming through. I love it!! Maybe I will upload a pic?

Tonight I am going to catch up on Hollyoaks, watch a bit of Secret Diary and then The Model Agency at 10pm. It is a fantastic program and can’t wait to watch it tonight.

Over & out, x


~ by thatgirlwiththepurpleheart on March 2, 2011.

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